Yeah, it's a bit behind the times

This is something of a mish-mash post.

First off, and most obvious: I have finished classes for the semester. It's been fairly gruelling, which although unsurprising, really did make for an interesting change from Grant Macewan -- school of the soft knocks. Sadly, though, I still have a project and four final exams left, at least two of which are going to be very hard.

Second off, newsfilter-wise: Word has it that gay marriage is okay in Canada . Naturally, the usual suspects had the usual things to say. However, it seems that the other usual suspects have got their own perspective on the matter. Luckily, it's been my experience that the Alberta govenment tends to pay nothing more than lip service to the religious conservatives in their party ranks. Also it's worth noting that there's not much that they can do -- the decision is pretty unequivocal -- it's federal business and nothing but.

Third off... I think there was a third thing, but... No clue anymore.

I'm tired and I want to rest :)

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