Who comes up with these things?

Alright, it's not Nimoy doing [Bilbo Baggins](/backlog/2002/11/26/hobbits/), but this [trailer](http://www.boll-kg.de/neues/aitd_trailer_large.htm) is by far the most amazingly shitty bit of cinema I've seen since I made the mistake of renting _The Phantom_. Although I strongly recommend that anyone with eyes and a brain give the movie itself a miss, the trailer really does have to be seen to be believed. (extensively [mocked here](http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/34901))

### Update

It seems that the link to the movie is no longer working. Trust me, you're better off that way. If you still really need to see something bad, just follow the "Bilbo" link. You'll do just fine.

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