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Okay, this one is a bit... uhh... racy. But funny as all hell. In the extended entry below is the entire text of a letter to Dan Savage, as printed in this week's Onion and with emphasis added by yours truly. The last paragraph is probably the truest thing ever spoken about...


Anyway... I'm not gonna give it away or offend by putting it here. But it's funny, and raunchy. If you're gonna be offended, don't click the link. That's all i ask :)


I have a different take on autofellatio, autofellatio in front of your girlfriend, and swallowing one's own come than you presented in your column last week: It's a humiliation/submissive/rape-type fantasy.

Speaking strictly for myself, I consider myself straight, I can do the autofellatio thing, and the girlfriend has watched me. And it was about humiliation, being dominated, or doing something considered "gross," like swallowing my own come. Showing the girlfriend what I could do, as WAC did, was a way to get closer to my fantasy of being forced to do something "gross" in front of someone. In other words, I'm suggesting that WAC's fella may want to be spanked and ordered to swallow while he's sucking.

In fact, I think that the letters in last week's column, concerning straight men doing things like sucking themselves, eating their own come, and being fucked with strap-ons, all have to do with men wanting to be dominated. I don't necessarily mean a full-on, tied-to-the-wall-and-fucked-up-the-ass-while-clothespins-are-gripping-your-nipples kinda thing, but it's true that some people (including me somewhat) are turned on by an element of embarrassment or humiliation.

Finally, like many men, I found that the second I actually came, this thing I had been fantasizing about 'being "forced" to swallow my own come' struck me as not nearly as good an idea as it was the second before I came.
My Two Cents, as printed in "Savage Love"

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