Words that I hate 1: FUD

FUD(Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) has to be one of the most irritatingly over- and inappropriately-used words in the ever-raging debate over Free Software.

Originally an acronym for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt, FUD was used originally (depending, of course, on whom you ask) to describe Microsoft's agitating about the widespread adoption of open source solutions. This is not the usage that inspires loathing in me.

In the present day, FUD is used as a catch-all term for anything that disagrees with the poster's strongly-held views on Free Software. Usually used by rigid proponents of the [FSF](http://www.gnu.org/) view -- that all software should be free of restrictions, except the restriction that you're not allowed to add restrictions. Yep, wacky. Just imagine the debates on this one -- there are whole scads of licenses for software that just get stupid-picky.

So, we have an acronym that definitely served a valid purpose once upon a time. Now, though, it's over-used and under-comprehended. It's a mistake of the 'net, one that we would be well served to let slip into the dustbin of history, except for the fact that there are thousands of pale, bloated, pimply-faced open source zealots out there ready to spout "That's FUD" at the top of their whiny-ass virtual voices at the slightest sign that someone is impugning the software license that they choose to worship.

The word is FUD, and I hate reading it.

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