I want everyone out there to know, computers suck!

Well, not all computers - mostly just mine. So i'm sitting here, burning my last blank CDR full of a fully-slipstreamed Win2k service Pack 3 CD - with all of my tools, toys, and shite on it. In preparation for giving up on the dual-monitor dream that i held so dear. Basically, for some odd reason, my (ostensibly) amazing 17" Trinitron-tubed old monitor looks as blurry as shit on the GF4 when it's the secondary monitor. Needless to say, that's not so cool.

What it basically means is that i have to live with only one monitor after all - despite my hopes to the contrary. And, doubly ironically, while the new display is gorgeous - sharp, clear, clean, and bright, with enough nifty little features to make a confirmed geek drool - the new display leaves me at exactly the same resolution as i was before!! For some reason, there's a nasty little horizontal band of distortion at 1600x1200 resolution, which essentially makes the monitor unusable at that res. And, since i'm obsessive about maintaining a 4:3 aspect ratio, i am left with 1280x960.

Same as before, just bigger and clearer. All told, i suppose i didn't do too badly. The screen is, as i said before, much easier on the eyes - i expect that my level of eyestrain will go down sharply. Nonetheless, Samsung is gonna receive a few strongly-worded imaginary letters from me :)

Anyway, the uptick of all of this is that i'm about to set out on one of the rarer things i do - an OS downgrade. Along with Char, who is having WinXP issues, i too am retrograding my system to that beautiful OS, Windows 2000. Stability will be mine!

So, if updates either dribble off or turn really hostile-sounding over the next while, well... Assume that things went... poorly :)

Later, all.

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