You know, I feel sorry for the [iconoclasts]( of the world; it's not easy to convince people that their particular brand of fixed idealism is a bad approach, and the more religious the adherence the harder it is to combat.

This particular line of thought comes about while reading an essay by [Freeman Dyson]( "Freeman Dyson - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia") entitled [Heretical Thoughts About Science and Society](, wherein Mr. Dyson discusses some of his own personal heresies vis-a-vis global warming. Although he makes coherent arguments, he is doomed from the start not by flaws in his arguments, nor by the unimpeachable truth of the ideas he's criticizing, but instead he's doomed to forever tilt at windmills on this subject because -- like religion and political orientation -- belief in climate change, for or against, is based not on reason but on faith.

So, I feel sorry for Freeman Dyson. I feel sorry for [Bjorn Lomborg]( "Official webpage for Bjorn Lomborg and The Skeptical Environmentalist"). I feel sorry for Al Gore (although for different reasons -- he's [part of the solution here](, and [part of the problem there]( "An Inconvenient Truth")) and for [Richard Dawkins]( " - The Official Richard Dawkins Website") and [James Randi]( "James Randi Educational Foundation — Home Page").

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