Why not?

There's a small, nearly invisible war going on down south of us, with implications that touch on the cornerstone of any working democracy - the counting of votes. I know, i know... I've ranted about this before, and really, there's not a lot that's new. But here's what's kind of interesting: There's an anti-war advocacy site, called "Why War?" that is hosting an archive of the memos that are widely considered to be incriminating evidence against the voting machine company Diebold.

It's interesting how some situations make for strange bedfellows. Other than this convergence of ideals, i couldn't disagree more than i do with most of Why War?'s ideals and positons. But down in the states, they're fighting a good fight. They face the distinct possiblity of going to jail on the strength of their belief that this information must be made public, and i can't help but respect that. What does concern me, though, is the ongoing lack of play that this is still getting in the major media in the US. It's shaking my faith in the essential fairness of the system - by fairness, of course, i mean that both sides' dishonesty will tend to cancel out.

I wish i had the bandwidth to mirror these documents. But, i suppose the fact that i'm not a USian would make my doing so less brave, per se, and thus less relevant. It's the fact that these people are potentially going to become felons for their belief that makes this action special, not the action itself, since standing up for the core values of the country in which you live should simply be assumed.

Anyone see any of this happening here?

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