Why I'm a Capitalist


More specifically, I'm unconvinced that it's for the best to depend on others for the necessities and desires of life any more than is absolutely necessary.

As an example, obviously only one data point, take the Greyhound strike that is going on right now. This is a case where, because the users of the service are dependent on the providers in a very clear, often-inextricable fashion, the providers of the service have been able to cause them no end of grief by withholding service.

Make no mistake; I believe that the other component of this is that those that provide a service are freely allowed to decline to continue to provide it, for whatever reason they choose. I don't have to agree with the reason, just with the right to perform the action.

This acceptance, however, leads me to my main point, which is that depending on others for services is a dangerous game; you are gambling that they'll never choose to revoke that service, despite the fact that threatening to do so at times when the service is most needed to _you_ results in immense potential gains for _them_. It's unlikely in normal relations: One's friends rarely say "Oh, you _need_ a ride? Sorry, I'm not giving rides anymore... for free." This doesn't hold with people for whom you are just another inconveniencecustomer, however.

So, think twice before you make choices that increase your dependency on third parties that do not have an interest in your wellbeing. I do.

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