Whatta Day

Wow. Today really could not have gone worse than it did -- all told, at any rate. The whole day wasn't shitty, but there were sufficient -- and sufficiently bad -- incidents to mark it as a mistake from moment one.

The capstone, barring any other issues with the overall day, was my singularly stupid breakage of a $200 component of our _$30,000_ main tool. Being dead tired (your fault, love ;) ) today at work, I mishung a battery, which -- falling -- pulled apart the power connecter ( a FUB, apparently, according to the makers of the Geodimeter) and toasted our total station.


So, i owed Mir and Cam beers for the inconvenience (the latter because we stole his geodimeter to get our job done)

Thus, I'm feeling a bitt fuzzy at the moment. OKay, a _lot_ fuzzy. But the day is done, and that's all that matters.

Also, someone remind me to rant about the coming weekend off. It's good :)


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