What on earth have we wrought?

In this photo weblog (alt link) by a self-described "kid of speed" that i found posted on "metafilter":http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/31584 today, i caught my first *real* glimpse of the devastation that the Chernobyl disaster left behind it. She has photographed -- and described -- the "dead zone" that surrounds the chernobyl site, and it really is awe-inspiring.

It's the casual statement that "people must start to populate those area already in some 900 years," as if that was so short a time.

And the silence. For that, I really would like to see it, and hear it, for myself. Some day, perhaps.

Just an interesting link, and a really evocative one.

h6. Update

It's interesting, but i've gone this long without being more than peripherally aware of the fact that, just as the reactor was melting down at the Chernobyl site, i was turning 9 years old. April 26, 1986. It's not a big deal, i suppose, but it's weird that i didn't know it.

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