What a show

Beau(NSFW) and i went down to Calgary to see a show last night at the Warehouse, put on by one of my very good friends, Jamie Wood and another friend, whose act is called FX series, performed by, as usual, one guy - a pleasant fellow named Réal. Man, what noise we heard :) So, first off, the trip - it's Calgary. This isn't exactly a difficult voyage, but the truck sucks for highway travel, since Fugly has less in the way of guts than any vehicle i've driven since the old Mustang that i used to borrow from my cousin.

When we reached Calgary, we found the warehouse with only a little bit of fuss. It's not exactly the most visible of places, what with the only sign indicating its location being in the back alley (Thanks for mentioning that one, Tamara :) Still, after a bit of flailing around, we found the place we were looking for, and then we met the above-mentioned Tamara for coffee for a while.

Tamara, for those who don't know her, is a friend of mine who does web design (specifically media production) for a company in calgary (whose name i can NEVER remember). She goes by the online moniker "Rivetgirl", which - to most of you - will clear up how and why i know her :) Anyhow, she just got back from Sweden, visiting her long-distance-love, and thus buried me in photos from her trip. Looks to me like she had a good time, all told... It's been way too long since i last saw her, and i have to admit, i'd missed chatting with her. So that was a nice perk.

One thing i did miss out on was seeing Mark and Shamus (damn, i get the bad feeling i am SO misspelling that...) again, just due to time constraints. I have a lot of fond memories of the good old days of college, hanging out w/ Beau and those two. Good times, good friends... I miss that, sometimes. So, i hope to see both of them again soon, possibly later this month when Mark plays a concert in Calgary... Assuming i can get down there.

On to the concert...

Réal opened the show, for all intents and purposes - since the first DJ, who played music i liked, sucked - and generally, despite some travel problems, kicked ass. If you're one of my readers who knows the style, he's a bit like a version of Beefcake with vocals - all told, a damn good thing.

He was followed by Calgary's Toxic Shock Syndrome, who i have to admit didn't impress me the first time i saw him, a couple of years ago. But he's REALLY tightened up his show, and he was very intense, very energetic. Quite pleasant to listen to.

More DJ stuff followed - Gabber, mainly. Beau could tell you more about that.

Then, there was consume. Mmm. Jamie's gotten, if anything, louder as the years go on, and this is the ultimate expression of that. Gawd, can he make noise. And the people in the warehouse just lapped it up - it was awesome. Noise upon noise upon ... monkey. Always the showman...

So, the moral of this story?

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