Warning Signs for Tomorrow

This might mark me as exceptionally nerdy, but I just love this set of warning signs for tomorrow, dug up via the instapundit.

Some favourites:

Ubiquitous Surveillance Warning

This is the scary one -- it should probably be posted in most banks, office buildings, my building, and Britain.

Nonstandard Spacetime Warning

Perhaps those times when you've got a project due the next morning "all of a sudden" even though you never let things sit that long?

Lack of Internet Connectivity Warning

My life, according to Shaw, some days.

Existential Warning

I can just picture this hanging in an effete coffee shop, over books by Sartre, being studiedly ignored by a gaggle of pseudo-intellectual first-year philosophy students.

Congnitive Hazard Warning

Seen over the magazine rack containing US, Cosmo, and Maxim.

Autonomous Device Warning

I think I should get a shirt with this one on it ;)

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