Wallpaper For The Slow

Sorry, Dad, I looked at the sizes and decided that it wasn't TOO bad to use this theme.

For faster loading, if anyone feels that this loads too slow, pick a wallpaper that's tiled (from the row of squares on the top of the page, below the title) -- as of this writing, there's just one, a grey stripes sort of dealie.

Those load faster, and it should persist between visits. If it doesn't, well, uhm...

This is an experiment, and I can go back to the other one later.

### Update
Thanks to my lovely beta tester it's clear that this theme does not work in Internet Explorer, that sack of crap browser still used in a few primitive corners of the net. Well, a few primitive corners that comprise 90% of all browser use.

So, no go. Back to the BlueMoonlight theme for now.

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