Vulnerable to Error

It's pretty galling to see the simple mistakes that can creep up on one in otherwise basic maths. It's not that i don't know how to do things, rather, i forget little details and it costs me dearly in terms of marks.

I'm getting back my Math 125 midterm as i write this, and i'm betting that my mark is not going to be as good as i had hoped. There's at least two basic problems that i can already tell that i messed up. And i messed up in a simple, simple way on both of them. It's called reading the damned question!


So, onward and outward. Gotta get this shit together and stop messing up the small stuff.

On happier note, my CMPT201 app - which has been driving me mad for a week - is now at v1.0, full working. At least, as far as i can tell.


Update, minutes later...

Well, i spoke too soon. My flaws were only in the first two questions, and not as critical as i had thought. I can tolerate a 94% mark :)

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