Well, it seems that Char and I will be moving again, sooner than we'd hoped, but not really too surprised about it.

It seems our benefactors wish to have the basement free to house wedding guests -- the wisdom of which, vis a vis hotel accomodations, we shall not discuss here -- and as such we've been asked to move by Sept 1. Which is, in fact _really_ inconvenient. The more I've learned about how homebuying works, the more I've gotten the hang of just how long it can take, and unfortunately, our expectations have had to be downgraded significantly by the fact that we cannot hope to both come up with a reasonable down payment and find a house whose possession date is 'immediately' in the time we have.

So, I'm considering prostitution. I figure, with my hot ass... ;)

Meh. Anyway, there'll be other house hunting updates over the course of the summer, I'm sure. If anyone knows of any ~$110,000 condos near bus routes in non-shitty parts of Edmonton, let us know.

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