By now, i'm sure everyone has read about the 86-year-old man who drove his car through a crowded market.

Not really news, is it?


I was reading some commentary on the subject, and specifically the debate on age with respect to licensing drivers. It's an interesting debate, to be sure. Coming, as i do, from the perspective that every person's freedoms are important, it's a hard one for me to take a stance on. That being said, i think that my gut reaction is probably the right one.

Some comments along the page i just linked tie young and old drivers together - as though, if we're going to place restrictions on licensing elderly drivers, we must do the same for younger ones. This argument, however, fails to take into account a critical difference between aged and young drivers. Young drivers get better with time. Or, at least, they can. The aged, once the faculties start to go, do not improve.

So, my gut reaction is to come up with more reliable testing methods. And make it easier, not harder to take licenses away from those too dangerous to drive. As should have happened to R. Weller before he killed 10 people and inured 70 more.

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