I'm looking at my performance in CS 313 and thinking that I might have to withdraw from the course, and plan something a bit more lightweight for the summer. I need to focus on the course, and I'm just not finding it in myself to do so.


It depends, however, on my midterm mark, which should be up any day now. I'll reserve decision until that time.


In other news, the new mac is pretty cool. I've got it hooked up to the old monitor, so I have a dual-monitor setup again. I'm actually even writing this post from a dashboard widget (google it) that does wordpress stuff just like that.

Nifty, I say. Nifty.

All in all, I can see a few rough spots -- mostly in the area of video playback and re-paying for games I already bought -- but on the whole it's great. Takes some serious getting used to, though. Where the hell are all of the keyboard shortcuts? ;)

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