Travels and such

So, I've returned, both to the province and to writing things on this much-ignored online scratchpad. All for you, I swear! If only people would talk back ;)

Anyway, the week has been pretty eventful. Beau and I took off tuesday for a six-day disc golf tour of southern British Columbia. This is something we've had planned for a fair while, with a general plan of heading to Pender Island, a course which Beau really enjoyed when he still lived on Vancouver Island.

We managed, variously, to see more speed traps than I have seen in all of my travels in BC combined before now, get caught in one, play about 120 holes of golf, including some of the roughest terrain I've ever played on (this was Pender) and some of the most enjoyable (Fallow Ridge, which is a private course with chalets, a club house, and freakin' hanging robots!).

On the way, we hung out with Simon, saw Benny Benassi at the Plush nightclub, which happens to be the same location as the Rage, where Beau and I saw KMFDM some nine years ago, an epic experience in and of itself.

Did the Hell's Gate tram, which helped to wash away some horrible memories for Beau, which I will not go into here, mainly because he doesn't read this and therefore could not rebut ;)

It's good to be home.

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