Trains, Planes, and...

Char and i have now arrived in Victoria, and are getting settled preparatory to the wedding on saturday. Plans seem, fortunately, to be more or less set already, which is good, because that means that i have very little work to put in to the party. Yay!

Char made an interesting comment on the ferry across to the island, she said that between leaving Edmonton and returning on Monday, we will have traveled by train, plane, car, bus, boat, foot, and possibly bicycle throughout the trip.

The train trip was nifty. Granted, it was dark when the part that i would really have loved to have seen passed us by, but i did get to see the rocky mountains pass us by as the sun set behind the heavy clouds. It was very pretty, and a perspective on the mountains that i do not usually get on them - the road was often on the other side of the Thompson river from us, and that's where i would usually have seen it from.

Now, to see the man wed. This is gonna be great!

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