Too long to wait

It's been thirty years since Eugene Cernan, Harrison Schmitt, and Ronald Evans last took Apollo 17 to the moon. In the intervening years, the attitude of the public to space flight has become one of apathy and disinterest. Just like the Galileo posting earlier here, this kinda makes me sad. And i'm not just depressed by the apathy of those around me - it's not like i knew about this either. Like many others, i have to admit that i failed to pay attention, and - like so many other great acts - this achievement has slipped out of memory for everyone.

I wish there was a way to show people that staying stuck on this planet is no way to have a future. We, as a species, are best served by planning for a time when Earth can no longer support us. And the critical first steps must be taken early, since we cannot predict when our time may run out, nor can we predict how long we'll need to learn to make our ways in the greater universe. Mankind was building ships for generations before it became safe to travel between continents - centuries, even. So what makes anyone think that space travel will be any different?

This has to start now.

...but i fear it won't.

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