To the Edmonton Journal

(I just sent in this letter to the editor)

There are two issues in connection with this issue that I would like to address. First, and most visible to all subscribers of the ISP services, is that -- despite their claims to the contrary -- companies like Shaw and Rogers lie to their customers when asked about the use of software that specifically restricts the speed of certain types of traffic ("Traffic shaping" software). From personal experience, I can tell you that this leads to frustration from the side of the customer, especially when I'm experiencing service delays with my competing VOIP service. This is a major issue, since Shaw is competing with Vonage for VOIP services, but Shaw is in a position to severely, and adversely, affect the quality of Vonage VOIP, something that is currently affecting me.

Secondly, the issue of network cost. The claim from Shaw, Telus, and Rogers is that their users are getting something for free, which is patently absurd. We PAY for the service that they provide, which is not e-mail and web, but is in fact a connection to the internet, which may include those services, as well as others, such as VOIP or streaming video to name two. The ISPs, if they want to get into the business of selecting which content providers should be permitted, should stop claiming to sell "unlimited" internet access.


Nope, no luck. It'd have been great to be published, but it appears that I'm not witty enough. Bummer.

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