I'm tired...

But happy - mostly. Went out last night and saw The Two Towers at ~12:05 AM, which would have been a wiser thing to do if i had only, say, not had to work at 8 this morning, and thus gotten only one hour of sleep. The movie was fscking amazing. I will be the first to admit that it didn't have the visceral thrill to it that FOTR did, simply because FOTR was unburdened by raised expectations. I fully expect, for myself, that subsequent viewings will, as was the case with the first installment, smooth out the rough spots that i noticed. And, of course, i can't wait for the extended DVD :)

The night ended on a bit of a down note, though, which was too bad - i really hate getting in serious scraps with Char, especially ones that lead to the sort of bad feelings spurred by this one. I'm not really gonna go into details, but... Well, it's not that bad - we're not breaking up or anything - but it was... unpleasant.

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