Time to start a holy war...

"Why Religion Doesn't Matter", an article at kuro5hin.org is pretty much guaranteed to piss off the religious sorts amongst my readers. That being said, i think it bears a read, even if the idea makes you wanna hit somebody... There's not much more i could say that hasn't already been said in there, but i thought i'd toss this one off anyway - k5 has always been one of the best sites on the net for this sort of thing, and i'm always glad to pass more views off their way. For the tech-inclined amongst you, think of it as the "thinking man's slashdot", a place where reason, though it doesn't rule, per se, it does dominate.

Go forth, and pontificate!

Now, on the religion subject... /me ducks.
If i see interest in it, i'll pursue some of the better links on the subject i've found. It can be a fascinating subject, no matter which side of the debate you find yourself on.

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