Time of Day

Much has been written and painted of the awe-inspiring beauty of sunsets over the years, mostly by people with greater ability than I.

What is, I think, wildly underrepresented in the history of art is the sun_rise_.

I was thinking this yesterday, catching the bus to school. Looking down Whyte avenue at the cars, just as the sun crested the horizon and shone along the whole length of the street. There's some quality in the sunlight that just makes things seem clean. Even the roofs of cars, lined up like so many bright-carapaced beetles, looked clean and new.

I don't know for sure why this disparity exists. Perhaps it's because artists, in general, are not morning people. I can't think of a single creative person that I know that is active in the morning. Of course this means that they're more likely to paint sunsets, to write about them.

Perhaps it's because capturing the sight of a sunrise would be so hard. It's a very dynamic, energetic kind of view. Like a sunset, there's a feeling of stillness, but it's a one that's poised for action. Predatory, even... The day is crouched just over the horizon, in the way that a hunting cat freezes just before taking its prey.

The colours are harder to express, too -- they're the same colours you see all day, but with a rim of brightness around them that can't really be compared to anything you see during the day. A halo of silver or yellow that brings them into sharp relief.

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