Time for a change

Well, it's official.

In between a month and six weeks, Char and i are moving. We're going to be packing up the life we have in this house and hauling it all (including a hissing and spitting Chitty) a short distance away to a newly-renovated home just off of 61st Avenue.

So... How many years has it been?

I've got a lot of memories of this house - it has borne witness to most, though not all, of the major transitions in my adult life. It was here that i lived when Amanda and I ceased being Amanda and i, it was here that i lived when i met... and when i, uh, fled that horrorous (yes, i know, not a word...) creature to whom i owe soooo much. I joined a band (in a manner of speaking), hosted parties, and all around had a good time. There are lots of memories that i have that are irrevocably tied to these walls.

Most important of those memories are the ones that are ongoing, though. First, the reason for this blog in the first place: I'm back in school. If it weren't for that, i don't really want to know where i'd be right now. Probably Texas, from what i can tell. It was a close shave, and one i would really rather not contemplate too closely :)

The second memory, of course, is Char. Anyone who knows me, of course, knows what i mean when i say that she's turned my life into a better place to be. Detailing this would be irrelevant. It's such a change that it's completely self-evident. Sometimes, apparently, good things happen to good people. Even more rarely, good things happen to me ;)

So, there it is. Moving day is coming. It's gonna be pretty nice. Our new landlord is not the dead weight that the current one is. It's going to be different, living in a house with an actual caretaker, someone that actually gives a damn about the quality of life of his tenants. Woo!

Wish us good fortune... all two of you ;)

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