Time again

I'm starting to have a bit more time to myself now. I'm putting the finishing touches on a project this weekend that has been... frustrating, for a variety of reasons. And then one more assignment, four final exams, four days off, and to work!

Sounds packed, but really other than the finals it'll be a cakewalk.

I'd talk about my activities, but I do realize that most peoples' eyes glaze over when I try to describe what I do. So I'll spare you all.

Instead, let's talk politics!

So, how many of you readers of mine voted Liberal?

It's been an exciting few days for those of us that felt that our Liberal overlords had perhaps overstepped their bounds _last time_ Canadians elected them. I know I was blown away by it -- I still don't understand how so many people could have been so well fooled by a few random rumblings about one _province_'s healthcare plans as to vote for a party that is (and I quote a local Liberal MP) "acting like banana republic."

For those of you that don't follow this sort of thing with the degree of interest that I do, here's a few especially pertinent links:

- [Brault alleged donations to Liberals linked to sponsorship work](http://www.cbc.ca/story/canada/national/2005/04/07/domery-ban050407.html)
- [Federal Sponsorship Scandal](http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/groupaction/)

Note that most of the above links are to the [CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)](http://www.cbc.ca/) with whom I am frequently displeased. They are doing a phenonmenal job -- at least online, since I don't watch the TV news -- of covering this, so kudos to them.

Other links in the roundup:

Take some time. This is our elected government here.

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