The working man's blues

Thanks again to the inexorable crunch of school and life expenses, i find myself once more employed. [company name deleted because i'm paranoid ;)], with the kind heart typically found in massive corporations, has kindly taken me back into its bosom in order that i might continue to feed myself :)

Oooo, fun.

Since my job seems to involve dealing mostly with people either A) too lazy or B) too stupid to use a phone book, naturally i'm going to deal with some REAL doozies.

Reminds me of an experience that is, thankfully, largely in my past... the horror of retail. As anyone who has done retail sales knows, you get told to do some pretty dumb stuff when you're trained. If you've never worked retail (you lucky fscker) then you might be amazed to learn that the dumb shit that salespeople say to you isn't always their idea.

Bear that one in mind next time you get confronted by some salesdrone, and remember that, deep inside, their soul is cringing at the horror of what they've become :)

For more reading on the subject, i recommend scrolling down the page and reading the post "Retales"

Pretty amusing, and not entirely out of line...

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