The whole picture?

Something Char has had the dubious pleasure of experiencing with me has been my unceasing annoyance with DVDs being released in purported fullscreen format. It seems that more and more DVD releases are slipping back into the pan and scan format that i thought was finally on the way out when DVDs began to dominate in the first place.

Naturally, being pretty vocal when annoyed, i rarely let an opportunity to bitch about these mistakes of the moviemaker's art pass me by. However, for all that i know that i prefer the widescreen versions of films to the "full" screen versions being pimped by Blockbuster and certain movie studios, i had never seen a side-by-side comparison upon which to concretely base my distaste.

Now i have.

If any of my readers still think that they're getting more with no black bars bracketing their movie, i invite you to look at this page. Especially the Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones clips. It seems that i've in fact only seen 60% of so many movies... Including my as-yet-unwatched widescreen Star Wars videos. I think i'm gonna break those out and see - for the first time ever - the whole picture.

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