The Weekender

Schlepped up to see the parental units this weekend, bringing Char and Simon along with me, with every intention of adding several pounds to my frame.

Thanksgiving is the shit :)

The visit was nice. Grande Prairie never really gets any better for me, but it sure does get bigger. It's still full of the same people as always, even though they often have different names and faces, and bigger trucks than before. It's not really my favourite place. Can you tell?

Since i was only in town for a weekend, i didn't really get hold of anyone outside the immediate family. So, if any reader is irked that i did not call them, um, well, i was sick (cough) and never really felt well enough to talk at all. And that's no lie - i was laryngitic for most of the weekend.

Speaking of which... Colds suxor :)

Right now, though, i'm listening to some really nice neoclassical stuff that Sarah and Donald, the DJs at the club i work at, burned for me to check out. It's pretty nice. Very easy to listen to, very pleasant.

Hope thanksgiving was good for all of you, too.



And, (john?!) the pics from the wedding will be up at such time as i have any of them. No scanned pics have made it my way yet, and i don't have a working scanner anymore. So, to readers w/ wedding pics, get that shit in the mail to me!

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