The usual gripe again...

Well, five days to go on my essay... Bah.

I know, i know, i've gone over this before. I hate these fscking things with a flaming passion. They make the educational experience - something i otherwise very much enjoy - into a fairly unpleasant thing for the duration of the assignment. Fortunately, they're soon to be over, a deep and lasting relief from the discomfort they bring me.

Unless, of course, i take Mel's advice, and get into a comparative lit. course in later years. Perhaps i will, perhaps i won't.

In unrelated news, i got my Chem102 midterm mark back. Acceptable, yes, but not what i wanted. 82.2%. That will not keep my GPA at 4.0, but, then again, neither will my ENGL-101 mark :)

In other news, even less related, i found an interesting article on (where else?) Metafilter the other day about the junior/high-school expericene, entitled "Why Nerds are Unpopular". This is a pretty wide-ranging article, and, while it has some good points to make about the specific issue of nerd popularity, it makes points about the nature of high-school society that i think are more important than the title suggests. Give it a read, it does - in more ways than one - accurately describe my own experiences in education.

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