The Two Times

I've now seen The Two Towers twice. Last night, instead of the relatively intimate "intimate" family only showing, we wandered out to South Ed. Commons and saw the movie en-masse. I'll freely concede, it was pretty impressive the second time. A lot of the things that jarred the first time through worked a lot better than they did the first time.

I think it's because i had had time to consider the reasons why some of the changes Jackson made to the plot may have been necessary. For the most part, the alterations are cosmetic - changing only the appearance rather than the intent of the work. There was only really one glaring problem that i had with the movie, which can be (spoiler warning!) found in the extended portion of this post.

On the whole, i was impressed. I look forward to seeing this with a few of my better friends over the next couple of weeks whilst it rules the top-grossing lists. The gripe i have? Faramir. I don't see any reason at all that Faramir had to behave more like Boromir than not. Faramir was always supposed to be the wisest of Denethor's children, and i wish that they had left that in place.

But that's just my opinion.

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