The I/P debate...

Yesterday, in Calculus I class no less, i got into an unexpected debate about the Israel/Palestine situation. One of my classmates is, apparently, quite interested in the situation, and felt the need to hold forth on the subject... So, naturally, I rose to the occasion (since, as most of you know, i love a rousing debate. It was fun, but something about it rubbed me a bit wrong.

Is it me, or is it a bad sign when the person you're arguing with refers to all Arabs as terrorists, or animals who should be exterminated?

I don't think it's me.

Anyway, it pretty much occurred to me that there really wasn't a lot to debate there - it was analogous to trying to convince me of the validity of a "god-fearing" world-view. Not too likely, i'm afraid...

But... Damn, it's fine to finally get into a real debate - even if it was a fairly poor one.

That is all.

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