That damned wall

I've spent the better part of my day hacking away trying to figure out an efficient way of representing a Mahjongg hand in Java. There's more than a few complications that I've no doubt introduced more as a result of being inexperienced than from the complications inherent in the process. That being said, I think I've made some real progress.

That being said, the complications I've introduced are related to planning ahead to be able to score the game. As it sits, there's not a lot that I can think of to make it simpler and still keep the critical element -- that of having multiple objects that are distinct from the program's point of view that are nonetheless treated as one and the same for scoring purposes -- intact.

It's nifty, though, and when I get this put together, I'll have to draft some people to play a game or three (That's gonna be the hard part) and test it out.

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