Testing 1,2,3... (not 4)

Three down, one to go. Plus lab exams, of course. Progress, progress.

Here's my quickie reviews: Math114: Well, i did pretty damn well at it, so i can't really bitch too much, can i? I mowed that exam down :) I was pleased to see that it focused on the elements of calculus that i understood, and because it was a cross-section test, it didn't really hit the peculiar things that Solomonovich taugh, such as higher-order corrections and such. Either way, i'll get it better next year :)

Engl101: This wasn't so much a final as it was a midterm. Since the course covers the whole year, this was just a warmup for the real final in April. Not something that i'm looking forward to, that. At least it's half-over. I'm really not impressed with the "rote memorization as critical reading and writing" that passes for examination in this course. Still, thanks to my fine memory and some last-minute re-reading last night, i had most of the names and plots down well enough to BS my way through... i think!

Cmpt114: Oh, come on. Like i need to comment.


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