Talking about the weather

There is something fundamentally fucked up about the idea of going out -- in Edmonton -- and playing disc golf on December 28th. This is not natural. It is, however, kind of nice.

So, the season of ... well, whatever the season is of, to you ... is come and mostly gone. Family was saw, presents sent and presented. I think that the Go board I got from Simon, along w/ the Calvin and Hobbes collection from Char are pretty much the standouts of the lot. Thanks, though, to all for the neato things. I hope my own gifts were appreciated as well. Surprisingly, the whole "giving" part of all of this is the best for me. Don't get me wrong; I love getting stuff, too, but there's something just fun about picking just the right gift for people.

In other news, it seems that work is not going to call me in over the week. This is bleeding great, as it means I can, um, work on some work-related programming ;)

Ye gods, I've got strange ideas of "fun."

For those who are into politics: Vote Conservative, damn it. Green is an acceptable second choice. Contemptible actions such as A) voting Liberal because you're blind, deaf, and just plain dumb, therefore missing the rampant corruption, dishonesty, and arrogance of the last twelve years, or B) voting Liberal 'strategically', because Stephen Harper is just soo-o-o scary will result in... well, you getting the government you deserve. The problem is, if you do that, I get the government you deserve, too, and I deserve a better one. So get your shit together!

This rant brought to you by procrastination.

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