Sportsmanlike Conduct

And then some words about my final lab - hell, those words now... It was EASY!

Nuff said.

Now, onto the main topic. There's some `discussion <>`__ going on about a really badly lost/thoroughly won basketball game. Now, this game (as you'll see from the article) was a high-school playoff game, and it was very poorly matched - the eventual score was 115-2. So, the uptick of this discussion, and the gist of the article seems to be that winning by a large amount is 'unsporting'. Now, i'm not one to support the madness of hockey dads pushing 4-yr-old Joey to be the next Gretzky, but i do subscribe to a fairly simple philosophy of sport.

Do Your Best.

Maybe this comes from my athletic background in solo sports - there's not really a 'point system' in Swimming, oddly enough, though i'd love to see how one could work :) Regardless, in my mind, there's just no place in competitive sports for failing to do one's best. You can bet that the losing team did their best, but from what i read, the winning team actively tried not to score for huge swathes of the game. This fricken sickens me. Are we so oversensitive (Yeah, dad - that one's for you after sending me that mail ;) that our precious wittle kiddies can't handle a serious loss?

If that's the case, may their deity of choice help them when the real world walks up and walks over them. It's gonna be a rough intro to life outside of highschool if this is the coddling they're being given now.

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