Sporadic, isn't it?

Yeah, I'm a bit poor at the posting, lately.

Mind you, I've got nothing on one of my site's tenants when it comes to letting cobwebs collect. It's too bad, too, because he's a good writer. Char and I spent a late night there the other day, and had a blast. As expected, of course. I'm concerned that they may not feel the same, though, because I have an uncanny knack for finding (not causing, I hope!) flaws in any electronic device that I go near :). Their coffee maker spat up, and the next day their gamecube wasn't playing nice with their VCR. I swear it's not my fault, but the correlation between my presence and these issues is a bit disturbing.

Anyway, I'm just ticking along, here. I tinkered with the blog layout again. I decided to try something I ordinarily find to be a bit hard on the eyes -- the black background + white lettering scheme -- and get REALLY geeky. Isn't that a slick death star? :)

Other than work, I do little. I'm still poking at the programming environment of OS X, looking for a way to make my iTunes reconciler work. I imagine that once I get through the "how the hell do the GUI programming tools work?" steps, I should be cackling.

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