Spam in the comments

Although the offenses in question have more or less confined themselves to entries farther down the homepage, I've been getting spammed a few times a week, on my own website! However, it seems that i'm not the only one, and a few other people are mad as hell and don't intend to take it anymore.

It seems that, through some strange agency, my site now actually has enough incoming links to qualify it as a search engine ratings booster. Kind of a backhanded compliment from spammers, i guess.

See, the thing is, at this stage, i'm getting probably ~10-15 pcs of spam per day. This is just in my private mail account, forget the amount of crap i see throughout the rest of my browsing. At this point, the only thing keeping my inbox usable - in the face of not only said spam, but also high-volume mailing lists - is the fact that i now handle my own mail server. I can't imagine how useless e-mail is to people without this benefit. How do you handle it?

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