I've been keeping an eye on the southern neighbor these days; the election coming up down there will have regrettably far-reaching consequences for not only the US but for us, too. I've seen more than a few things that bother me, not least of which is the fact that there is literally not one candidate for any party that strikes me as anything other than an opportunistic, grasping, _myopic_ shell of a human being. I wouldn't move to the US right now if someone paid me.

Okay, well, maybe if they paid me a _lot_.

It's the last epithet that concerns me, though; I expect grasping, and opportunistic is synonymous with 'career politician'. The persistent failure of vision, however, is scary; they can't see past their clawing to the top to acknowledge the wounds they're inflicting on themselves in the process. And [Bob]( forfend that we suggest that the process is flawed, that's frankly unamerican.

I know, I know, I devote too much thought to this for someone who doesn't even live within the borders, let alone have a right to vote there, but the US elections are merely a logical endpoint (not the _only_ logical endpoint, mind) of the particular form of representative democracy that is so widely believed to be the one, true way. I know I'm going a bit off-message for myself here, but I blame a combination of my usual bugbear (the unending manipulable and moronic voting public) and a new beast: Corporate finance.

I'm a devoted supporter of freedom of expression, so this is hard for me, but I believe more and more that allowing corporate freedom of expression is suppressing individual freedom of expression too much. I know that there's a good argument to be made that corporations' speech is just a collective expression of individual freedom to speak, but I'm no longer convinced that it's a valid defence. I'm arguing ethics from consequences here, which is not always a safe path to tread. Here, however, the consequences look increasingly dire.

Still, in the end, it's the people who keep putting this system over themselves.

What's a libertarian to do?

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