Slow Communication

Kind of a scattershot update to my existence on a whole.

School progresses. The workload is climbing -- at the moment I have 6 assignments or project checkpoints due in the next two weeks. This is actually a lot, although math students may not think so, given the whole "1 course, 1 week, 1 assignment" load that usually follows with mathematics.

Cmput 325 is nifty, but will probably give me fits.

I've interviewed for another internship position, this time on campus. This has the additional benefit of providing me with the opportunity to go to school while working, which will let me take some fun grad courses earlier than I had hoped. I hope that if I don't get the one with [ACI Worldwide]( I get this one.

Char is back on nights, after several years. I miss her already. 7 on, 7 off sounds good in principle, but the "7-on" part sucks.

Ali and Scott have proven excellent to live with so far. Fritz isn't having such a great time in the new place, though. I think he wants a window to paw at.

I can't think of anything else here, but if I do I'll let you all know. Sorry about the slow updates.

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