Well, i haven't posted a lot this month. As i mentioned before, this is in part due to the workload that i've been under, and will be under for the next month and a half. However, there is another reason too.

Originally, this site was conceived as an outlet for my feelings about returning to school. I figured that, after so long away, some things would be really different, and others would be nostalgically similar. I was half right - in the end, there really weren't that many differences from the last pass, but there were a lot of things that made me think back to my own first year and the experiences that i had then. So, i talked about them...

Now, the novelty is worn off. There's not very much i can say about school that hasn't already been said - at least not this year or the next, not until i get into University and experience a truly different education.

So, i'm left with commenting on things in my life that intrigue me.

Now, a couple (okay, three or so, now) weeks ago, i posted a link to an article on the subject of war opinions. I stand by that, i don't want to contribute to the noise around me, especially given that nobody rethinks their positions in this mental climate. It's a waste of time coming up with well-thought-out arguments when thought is the farthest thing from anyone's mind - be they hawk or dove.

So, i can't talk about the war.

But in the face of events like that, everythng else just seems so trivial.

And, again, so here i am. I guess what i want to know is, what should i look into? Do my rants interest anyone? Do the links i think are cool? Or should i keep doing little diary entries as i have been, and work from there?

Feedback is good, folks ;)

And, of course, school will come into it sooner or later, too.

Comments !