Silence on School

I was reminded yesterday that this blog was -- at least originally -- about school. And I haven't been keeping up with that all that well. So, here's a play-by-play.

Well, I guess the first thing is, the course (Cmput 415: Compiler Design) that had me most worried is a bit less worrying now. I've gotten a bit of a hang of it, and I think I can hack it. Mind you, the project for it is a bear, and it might still kick my ass and take my name.

My other two computer courses are likely to be just as hard, but hopefully I can keep pace in them. The workload is pretty heavy, so I owe my grandparents a great big thank you for giving me the money required to keep me jobless through this year.

As for the other courses, well, the philosophy course is likely to remain wanky. The Literature course is great, though -- Gotta love book shopping when it's books that I might have bought anyway :)

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