Sick tactics

Wow, that's fscking nauseating...

So, i'm working at $COMPANY, answering the phone all day. Hence, i speak. Funny, that. Anyway, i was approached by one of my co-workers and asked to be quieter. Now, i can understand why that might be desirable, and that's not why i'm annoyed. In fact, i tried to be quieter, but it's usually a choice between clarity of speech and quietness, and i'll go for clarity any time.

What pissed me off was this: When i indicated that my voice doesn't really get a lot quieter, this co worker of mine said something to the effect of "Well, i hope that nobody has to go home sick because of it".

I just about fell out of my chair. The only response i could make to her was that if someone went home sick because of my voice, i'd be laughing so hard they'd have to send me home too.

What the fuck is that?! What kind of workplace attitude permits a response like that? I work in a goddamned call center, for christ's sake! There are voices around you all the time. Loud ones, shrill ones, quiet ones, stupid ones...

I am inclined to attribute this to the union workplace, which protects that sort of stupidity. But that's my bias. Any opinions?

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