Restricted News

In my search for news articles about yesterday's incident, I ran into a peculiarity of the news agencies in this city.

The "Edmonton Journal": has moved from a free site that shows only the top stories in its paper to a subscription model where all but the headline story must be accessed by paid subscribers.

The "Edmonton Sun": on the other hand has remained free for access via the web.

The Journal, to me, is a better newspaper. It's got more balanced coverage, and while it does pander, it panders to politics, not to the lowest common denominator. However, when it comes to tracking down city news, I'm ill-inclined to pay for a paper subscription when the competing paper is offering much the same local news for free, and international news is only a "click": away.

I wonder how well that's working for them?

(side note: I notice that even rampant commercialistm must bow to nature. Life's funny like that)

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