Relief Most Intense

I had the last of my final exams today, or more to the point the last two.

I also have received tentative marks for the other three courses -- which is just amazingly fast, in my opinion. I really didn't expect to get them back so soon, although at this point I'm not sure whether they translate into an A or a B in their respective courses. The curve, frankly, sucks.

However, in terms of good news, the exam this afternoon, the last of year three, semester one, was the one I was most concerned about, and the one that I felt woefully underprepared for up until I sat down and took the exam. As I read it over, I realized that yes, I _do_ understand this stuff! It was a great feeling. I'm pretty confident that I did well enough on the exam to rate a high mark for it, and by extension the course.

In other news: Not much, really. I was going to link to a plugin that I wrote for my [bittorrent]( client, [Azureus](, but the wiki that I linked to it from is gone now, along with the description... However, something vaguely like the description can be found [here](, and the plugin itself can be gotten [here](/plugins/, if it interests you. It was quick, dirty, and it does work, but it's not perfect. I'm working on v1.0 as we speak :)

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