Rejection and the Studying man

Just finished my last shift at $(COMPANY) yesterday, and i've taken away some valuable lessons about work in the lower echelons of the big companies. It seems, for reasons i don't fully understand, that $(COMPANY) is not really interested in investing in its future employees. Now, in the non-technical end of the organization, where i was employed, that doesn't surprise me. I can not fault them for short-sightedness, given the rapid turnover of their current employees - when someone's only there for a year, don't waste the investment effort.

Where i can fault them, though, is in the short-sightedness of the internet unit. While the helpdesk is not a technical job in any real way, it is related. And despite this, they focus their hiring exclusively on non-students. Once again, i've been rejected for employment specifically because i am trying to better myself. It's frustrating to me. $(COMPANY) is a big part of the technology field in Alberta, and i'd like to keep it in mind for my future employment. But i get the powerful feeling that i'm not going to even look at it when i job hunt, because i know all too well that their priorities do not match mine. I value education, and $(COMPANY) does not.

In an industry that moves this fast, wouldn't it seem to be the case that getting hold of the workers of the future is a wise investment? Wish somebody would tell $(COMPANY) that.

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