Reach for the sky

CBC News is running a piece on the possibility of a Space Elevator in their News Indepth segment. Dad referred me to this one a couple of days ago, but i couldn't spot a link to it on CBC's site at the time. However, it eventually got [discussed]( on /. and undoubtedly, when i get around to checking it, Mefi as well.

Even more than a return to the moon, this project is one of my fondest imaginings. The idea that we might be able to make space travel work for even people like me? How could someone _not_ appreciate that?

Of course, in this wonderful world we inhabit, there's weaknesses to this too; for eample the terrorist threat, which is briefly addressed in this article. Even leaving aside the present-day terrorist threats, this in and of itself could spawn a [new kind of fear]( in the luddites that lead these sorts of things.

I guess we'll see how it pans out -- which is, more often than not, how i sign off on news items like this. I'll admit, for all of my hopes for a better future, I too am a cynic here. It's worth noting, though, that the comic i link to above has one of the more evenhanded visions of the (near) future i've seen in a while.

h6. Update:

Dave Barry also said [a funny thing or two]( on the subject.

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