Rainy Days

Thanks to the vagaries of this summer's seemingly super-humid weather, I have the day off today.


Now, if only I hadn't had to find out about this at 5:00 AM after getting up at 4:00 and making my way all the way to the north end of the city. Oh well, such is life.

So, here's the latest:

Regarding internet access: For some reason that has not been made clear to me, the generous soul who was loaning me his phone line for internet use has disconnected me, saying something about "gotta learn the rules" without further elaboration. As a result, I'm back to incommunicado for the duration, it seems, unless he's only doing this temporarily.

Regarding work: Work is proceeding apace, keeping me busy and more or less entertained. Less, I suppose. The weather has been ridiculously hot for the last few days, and I've been cooking to a slow boil wandering around on all these black/dark brown surfaces. It's been fun, to a certain extent, but I could do with temperatures in the area of 20, instead of 30, degrees.

There's really not a lot else that I can post about. I've been watching more hockey these past few weeks than I have in years, and I'll admit to enjoying it. Miranda and I take great amusement from the fairweather Calgary uber-fans who insist on toting flags and signs around, for the two weeks that they're going to remain fans. I wonder how many of those flags are going to find themselves dumpstered next week?

Oh well.

So, perhaps I'll be seeing the new Harry Potter movie today. Depends, I guess, on whether Simon is in town or not.

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