Posting while working

So, i'm working as i type, here. Talking to a paranoid, but linguistically-skilled gal, who seems to be able to identify people she's typing to by their typing styles. Different screen name, notwithstanding, she actually twigged to it being me without even trying...


And this is the caller that hangs up every single time she calls in, if it's not who she wants to talk to. Treats $(COMPANY)'s service like a private chat line. I guess some people are odd :)


Work is proceeding apace, the usual collection of morons, dipshits, and annoyances. In the customer service arena, well, let's just say that the customer might be right some of the time, but it's usually by accident.

One of my pet peeves in my job is something that seems pretty simple on the surface... Okay, imagine this: Someone asks you "How do you spell $(NAME)?".

What is your response? Oddly enough, what usually occurs to people is that they should, instead of spelling the damned name, repeat it back to me. Sometimes 3 or 4 times, with my repeated requests to spell the name, please...

Fscking people.

This post is partly to quell Char, who's been bitching that the front page has been boring her. I assure all of you, i am not dead, but i haven't been in a disclosing mood of late - i've been working on the project i mentioned last post, and i'm sure that the gory details of it would bore the living hell out of anyone but a programmer. Suffice to say, i'm having loads of fun with it. And who knows, i may even succeed in getting it built!

So... How has the summer treated you, my dedicated readers?

What news? :)

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