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Ye heavenly hosts, I am undermotivated today.

According to my spell checker, "undermotivated" is not a word.

I really should be working on homework, doing laundry, or maybe even just calling a friend and having lunch. Why I'm not doing this is a bit of a mystery. I shouldn't lack energy, but I sure do.

Maybe I'll read some more. I finally picked up The Da Vinci Code, since Char bought herself a copy of the paperback a week ago, and just finished it.

See? This is the kind of thing of which blogging nightmares are made.

I could follow Simon's advice, but I suspect that if I started talking about how frustrating it was trying to implement a custom SAML assertion verification using open-source solutions in a WebSphere app serving environment, and how I find myself staring at code samples until my eyes feel like they're going to start bleeding, while the deadlines that we have for delivering this solution creep up on us quickly...

Runon sentences cannot do it justice.

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